Custom Fitted BAUERFEIND GenuTrain Knee Brace w/ Semi-Rigid Silicone Pad (LEFT) (11041206070002)


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The GenuTrain is the new generation with visco-elastic Omega pad. If the user’s knee feels weak, is swollen or painful, the GenuTrain is the ideal knee brace. It relieves pain, stabilizes the joint and helps to achieve faster mobilization. The GenuTrain is the original functional knee brace and has undergone continuous further development since it was launched onto the market in 1981. The new generation with the Omega pad, a new functional cushion around the kneecap, is once again setting new standards. Further improvements have been made to the brace, with the result that it is now better than ever at relieving pain and stabilizing the joint.

1. Train Knit – 20% lighter and more breathable for better comfort and compliance.
2. Donning & Doffing Stay – made of rigid polyurethane material (4x more durable)
3. GenuTrain Omega+Pad – pain-relieving pad encases the kneecap and prodvides targeted massage.
4. Meniscus Wings – provide targeted massage and pain relief to the joint space
5. Hoffa Pads – promotes body’s natural healing mechanism


– Feeling of Instability
– Knee Strains/Sprains
– Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease
– Degenerative Joint Disease
– Recurrent Knee Pain
– Recurrent Joint Effusions
– Irritation (osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendomyopathy)


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