Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support (LEFT) Custom Fitted w/ Semi Rigid Silicone (11071702080004)


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– Osteoarthritis
– Bursitis
– Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
– Shoulder Strain/Sprain
– Shoulder Dislocation

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The OmoTrain is a semi-rigid Shoulder brace that relieves pain uniquely by using a compression knit and removable massage pad (Delta pad) to massage the soft tissue. This allows the brace to activate the musculature, which stabilizes the joint and strongly promotes mobility. One of its features is the direct strap system, allowing users to quickly put the brace on and off. It is a secure support that’s designed to protect against immediate care injuries, pain therapy, and assists in further injury.


1. Soft Knit Fabric – keeps moisture away from the body
2. Viscoelastic Soft Pad – reduces swelling and relieves pain in the soft tissue through the massaging nubs
3. High Elasticity – easy to put on and take off
4. Strap System – secures the brace and centers the shoulder for stability and pain relief
5. Pressure-Reduced Edges – for an optimal and comfortable fit that improves circulation
6. Special Chest-Free Wearing System – does not restrict breathing for enhanced wearing comfort

How to measure: Measure the circumference of the biceps while the arm is relaxed.




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