PRO15AB Black by Healthmate Forever (Healthmate Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation )


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Quick, Strong & Long Lasting: The PRO15AB2 electronic pulse penetrates quickly and easily into affected areas and goes to work instantly. Healthmate Forever doesn’t simply mask pain with electronic pulse sensations. Rather, it addresses the root of the problem due to inflammation with different waveforms through bio-electricity technology. This is an innovative combination of ancient TCM therapy methods and western TENS and EMS technology.
Breakthrough Formulation Pulses with Multi-Modes: Utilizes a Revolutionary Delivery System by delivering FDA & Clinically Proven “Ingredient Pulses”


– 15 pre-programmed modes and 20 intensity levels can be selected to meet different requirements per different conditions for Topical Pain Management
– Adjustable 10 to 80 minute timer
– 20 levels of adjustable intensity
– 2 outputs are isolated: both channel A and channel B have independent mode and independent intensity, but the same 100% power without reducing strength in half. This means that two local pain can be managed at the same time.
– Allows 2 to 4 pads to be applied to different targeted areas at the same time
– Rechareable built-in lithium battery: up to 10 hours of continous use
– Back-lit LCD display

T-Pro15abB-W Pro15AB Black

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